Reverse Logistics

The present retail industry averages an 8% return policy according to the National Retail Federation with a large percentage of that being part of the booming wireless market. And as technology increases at an exponential rate, wireless devices continue to be a large and increasingly prominent way in which people continue to communicate. As sales continue to grow, so does the amount of returns that are often cast aside. While many companies may feel this is just an unfortunate aspect of the interest, it in fact a very viable option in increases ones overall revenue.

At Vexwire, we delve into the field of reverse logistics to mutually benefit everyone within the supply-chain of a wireless product, from its original manufacturer to its consumer. Reverse Logistics is a sound way to practically reduce costs created from returns and ending a products life-cycle prematurely. It also helps protect the environment from the dangerous materials within our products when disposed of improperly.

If you are looking for a partner to process your returns, evaluate them and drop ship replacements to your customers, Vexwire certainly has the capabilities to accomplish that.

We wish to help recycle the technology of the market while mutually cutting costs to all involved. And Reverse Logistics is the perfect solution to benefit us all, and Vexwire can handle all of that for you. If you would like more information or have questions about our any of our services please feel free to email or contact our office at: 973-585-7736.
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