Repair & Refurbishment

At Vexwire, we believe in prolonging the life-cycle of a product after its initial sale, taking great pride in striving to be the best at what we do, as many of our associates and customers would agree. We wish to mutually reduce costs at both ends of the supply-chain while bringing the best product possible back into the marketplace, where it belongs.

In late 2011, it had been discovered that in the United States there were more wireless devices than there were people. By 2016, it is predicted that there will be more wireless devices than people on the planet. Considering that the current cell phone owner replaces their device on average every 12 to 18 months, this leaves a huge opportunity within the wireless market to repair and/or recycle these products. Throwing away these functional/fixable products is not only wasteful, but hurts everyone involved; from the losses in revenue that the original manufacturer sacrifices to the price increases of future and current products on the market. Our team of experts provides the necessities to restore products to their original 100% working functionality and to allow a product to begin a new life within the wireless open market.

From the moment a shipment arrives at our warehouse, it goes through a rigorous 30-point system in which we inspect and test our products from the most minor of cosmetic infractions to issues involving major hardware failures. Through each stage of a products repair, it is actively monitored and progressed through our own propriety software until remarketed.

Our professionals work in an ESD (electrostatic discharge)-controlled environment which provides them with the safest of environments when it comes to working with the delicate materials. Whether your inventory needs branding /de-branding, flashing, unlocking, cosmetic or integral unit replacements, Vexwire is your partner in the industry that can handle your entire repair and refurbishment needs.

If you would like more information or have questions about our any of our services please feel free to email or contact our office at: 973-585-7736.
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