Inventory Allocation

Vexwire prides itself on years of accumulating strong, worldwide relationships with its clients and customers. Due to our loyalties to and from our customers, we have created an extensive international network of partners and associates that include manufacturers, wireless carriers and distributors, allowing a huge advantage in the wireless industry to seek out difficult and hard to find wireless products, parts and accessories. Being part of the open market also allows us access to partnerships that many carriers, national retailers and insurance companies may find inaccessible. Vexwire thrives in the open market and can provide success with the most difficulty of inquiries.

Our comprehensive network of suppliers gives us access to a much larger inventory on top what we carry in stock, and in return we can fulfill all of our customers’ wireless devices demands.

In addition to supplying mobile devices, we have built strong relationships with both OEM and aftermarket sources in the open market, making the allocation of hard to find mobile phone parts and accessories at our disposal. Therefore, our customers can rely on us to source just about any part/accessory, from housings and LCDs to batteries and chargers.

Our relationships have been proven valuable to many of our customers with their procurement.
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