E-cycling and Part-Reclamation

Once a product is beyond repair, Vexwire looks to part-reclamation and recycling as a viable option. When one simply discards their technology in the trash, they literally throw away valuable electronic components and metals while polluting the earth. Recycling is not only responsible in the vision of a greener planet, but in the end also cheapens the cost of the energy and components needed to make future products.

Part-Reclamation to use in repairing and refurbishing of other devices has and will always be Vexwire’s first option prior to offering any stock to any of its accredited recycling partners for responsible disposal.

Vexwire is proud of its stance of providing a safer and greener alternate to its customers and partners. What many may be unaware of it that cell phones and other wireless devices are made with batteries and many other potentially dangerous components that become a hazard to the environment once discarded into our landfills. Chemicals such as arsenic, lead, beryllium and mercury, some of which have links to causing cancer, are in our these devices. Although while safe when secure and intact with its owner, becomes an environmental hazard once the informed make the decision to move onto a newer product. Which as we know, in this industry, happens quite often.

Recycling your devices also saves much needed energy. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 141 million phones in 2009 where discarded while only 11 million of those were recycled. This leaves hundreds of pounds of valued and virgin metals lost in our trash. One year’s worth of discarded phones, if recycled, can be used to create enough energy to power 18,500 homes for an entire year. By recycling wireless devices, one leaves a smaller carbon footprint and helps the gathering of valuable metals that are used to build our phones, tablets and various other everyday devices that we all use. These resources will reduce the amount of energy and overall cost involved to creating new products. Not only can we protect our planet, but we can also create cheaper costs for future products.

If you would like more information about our services about recycling, please feel free to email or contact our office at: 973-585-7736.
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